The Universal Laws of Attraction is real, and what I write about - THE STARSEEDS, Beyond Time

Tricia Kelly NEW book is now available - A Memoir about the miracle and magic of a love story - and with a famous one... This advanced thinker, is the author, and one who has had many experiences in life which are included in her books.

HER LOVE STORY; HER LOVE STORY: Synchronicities, Spirituality & Mr. Henley -

THE STARSEED, BEYOND TIME - which is on Amazon is about a young Galactic boy and Herb, an earth boy, and their friendship that explains many of the mysteries of the time, and beyond.

This time frame is about our personal ascension, this new consciousness than the Mayan's predicted, 2012 calendar time-line.

Tricia's books explain these Universal Laws of Attraction, which can enhance your life at a faster pace by similar understand how they work. These universal Laws can work to your advantage or disadvantage, depending on what energy you are vibrating moment to moment.

The knowledge that Tricia shares in NEW ENERGY PARENTING is so your family can quickly align themselves with each other and manifest their dreams. It is all about moving into this new energy with ease.

This time frame will also depend on what level of consciousness you have personally achieved towards the universal love of all man-kind. It is really that simple. Living in the loving laws of allowance for all at their speed and not yours.

Ascension Teacher of Truth

We came here to this planet, the school of higher learning, to learn everyday from our own personal experiences.

Live without the judgement of the past and speaking from your heart and not from an angry head will move us all forward! Trust and you will be lead to find the right book, video, show and teacher. There is no right or wrong way.

It is always an EQUAL EXCHANGE OF ENERGY. "When the teacher stops learning, it is because their ego is ruling their lives, and they no longer have an open heart to receive more wisdom... it will never stop coming."

Having studied these Universal Laws of Attraction principals, this Spiritual Psychology, and New Energy Psychology, for over twenty-five years now from numerous Master channels, I have incorporated this knowledge within my novels, so that it makes sense to you and your family.

SPIRIT BOY speaks in a fashion similar to Abraham and allows you to understand these simple Laws so you can have your own 'light bulb' moment. This is the first step in understand these Universal Laws of Attraction. It's about you, not others. ______________________________________________________________________ "SPIRIT BOY - an earth spy" is for parents, young readers, teens, and teachers. Spirit Boy. the lead character, was once a troubled kid who died on a playground. When he sees two kids headed for trouble he shares and explains 'the Secret ' and how the Law of Attraction works in a way teens and kids can understand and how important it is to understand this powerful new way of thinking. The endorsement below show how it is effecting others. Enjoy!


“I wish all my students had a chance to read this novel — It’s brilliant!”
Peter Tongue  - A High School Principal for over thirty years

Both practical and profound, ‘Spirit Boy’ assists the young reader with assembling the building blocks of the Law of Attraction in a wonderful story  teens  identify with. The simple act of reading the book raises one's vibration. 
Monique Chapman, PhD - Author & Radio Host

“What a lovely story! And I so appreciate the messages you’re giving the kids and it was inspiring to work on. I think Spirit Boy is wonderful. Stephanie Marohn - Author

Was very good...It reiterates the basic tenets of good and moral behavior. 
Fran - a mother of four

Spirit Boy changed the way I look at education and my children. This book was so inspirational and educational. Knowing and learning about 'the Law of Attraction' through a literary source, and not 'self help', allowed me to understand the principles better and really see how change can happen. I highly recommend this book to parents and kids both.  Becky - mother of two teens

A great story with a message every child and adult should know about. A great read.- Jewel Lynam, artist and writer.

My endorsement for your book is: A truly inspired novel, incorporating spiritual wisdom that is used in such a way it is easy to understand. A wonderful guide for children and parents alike, that provides an inner understanding that will lift relationships to a more harmonious level.   In Love and Light. Mike Quinsey - Radio host BBS RADIO - Connecting the light

While I love to read, it is a rare book that I cannot set down between chapters.  I opened the book at 11:00pm, it is now 5:00am and I just finished it.  My vibrations are through the clouds, my heart is singing and I cried for joy at least 4 times in the past 6 hours.  I know Spirit Boy will continue to bless this world and I know your personal blessings are in your own cherishing and nurturing process.  Thank you for taking me on such a joyous and lovely trip through the zone.  Curtis Folts host of Archmessenger@blogtalkradio

Tricia I Just finished reading your book, and it is wonderful.  The story is grabbed my interest, it is well written and easy to read, and speaks to the heart.  The spiritual messages are very profound and yet put in a way that all individuals can understand.  I especially appreciate that the messages of my Spirit Guide Gregory and the Gregory Continuum are reflected in this wonderful story about the journey of enlightenment experienced by several children.  I am pleased to recommend it my listeners on and my clients. Bobbie G 
Host of Ask Gregory and Mornings with Gregory

SPIRIT BOY  is a delight read for all ages. It is a story filled with rich characters that carry a positive theme throughout. 
Nancy - 54 yeas old- High School Youth Advisor


With its rich text, Spirit Boy helps kids understand that their problems at home, at school, and with friends, are nothing more than small obstacles they can easily overcome by staying in ‘the zone.’ By changing their thoughts to one of well being they will automatically vibrate on a higher frequency. Spirit Boy teaches them how easy it is to change their direction in life and manifest everything they have ever dreamed of... and more when they use the Law of Attraction.

It's the NEW way to be COOL!

It's the ONLY way to thrive as a family.


There is a reason why I suggest parents read this book too - as everyone benefits when they understand the Universal Law of Attraction.

Teens vibrate on their own frequency. So don't try to control their freedom. Teach them about CONSEQUENCE - that's the message I tell my daughter. She is in charge of her emotional energy, and know when she's manifesting and when she's going against her own grain. Spirit Boy also helps kids understand that they pick up what their parents energy, and reflect it back at them. Its always and equal exchange of energy.

Spirit Boy teaches them how to recognize their vibrational energy and what they say has power, and one should be aware of all their actions. Universal Law of Attraction is an action packed dramatic story.


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With over 30 years of study and understand this 'New Energy and Spiritual psychology' Tricia entwine her knowledge within all her novels, and her inspirational speaking on numerous radio shows and events.




New Energy Parenting is from zero to raising teens to thrive in todays times. Understanding these skills can help you navigate your way through the 'Limbo years when your kids are investigation and discovering their way.

22 chapters, of how to raising children without the need of punishment. It's more about respecting our kids, and letting go of so much parental control.

The StarSeeds; Beyond Time

Tricia's new novel with allow you to ascend while reading how the main character, Herb, overcomes his own darkness, through the eyes of a young Galactic Boy who has returned home to his planet earth too... Available on AMAZON and KINDLE FACEBOOK - STARSEEDS NOVEL

An Earth Spy

This is the first Law of Attraction novel written, a dramatic story that will hold your attention, for all ages. These valuable principles help you create your miracles in life... AVAILABLE at