Oprah's Conversations with the Abraham-Hicks team about the Law of Attraction

I was so excited to see Oprah, finally talking live on her radio show with the Abraham Hicks team about the Law Of Attraction.

It's not such a weird unusual phenomena like some might think. Talking to a Spiritual Being. This is happening to a lot of people now who are living in this Age of Enlightenment.

I can't wait until she has Esther as a guest on her TV show. The information is always profound... Spirit answers in a way that has never been openly and honestly explained that way before. All those fearful shows could have benefited with this kind of information. I'm not talking about the fakes. I'm talking about the real channelers who have been around forever sharing this information: "The Law of attraction" is real.

'UNIVERSAL Law of Attraction' was the term used when I first heard about the Law of Attraction back in 1986 - To me, UNIVERSAL means: across the board, you cannot discriminate, you cannot choose, I'll do this part, but not that part. If you practice the Law of attraction you cannot be judgmental of anything, or anyone for their choices.

It's a hard lesson to learn. To let go of judging others.

So Oprah, I'm excited that you are doing exactly what you feel comfortable doing in your current space and time.

We are all students here on Planet Earth.

The Age of Enlightenment is coming to a TV show near you

Click Here and listen to Oprah's talking to Esther Hicks on her Radio show FX Part of what is discussed is the information that was left out of popular 'Secret.' For those of you who loved the book, the DVD, and concept - here's the real truth. It was INSPIRED - CREATED and made ABOUT the ABRAHAM-Hicks team... and then they were removed from the original video. The producers felt it was too much for main street to handle, who don't yet understand how this unusual phenomena works.

Why is Oprah not having guest like this? She said something like this: "Apparently, the world is still not ready for the truth." 'It's still a big 'SECRET,' just like the DVD. (I believe we all sensed the real 'source' even if we didn't know it at the time - Abraham is one powerful creator of the LAW OF ATTRACTION, even if these two weren't credited at the time.

I call it, living in the 'dark ages'... enlightened beings know that six-sensory living is natural. Talking with spiritual being is natural. Some have evolved to the point that it naturally flows. I manifested Esther on stage talking live during a deep mediation while I was listening to them.

We are at a time when we need to embrace the Age of Enlightenment. Spiritual beings are energy too, so why would you not want to connect to everything the universe has to offer.

I can't wait to see ESTHER HICKS and others like her on national television... that will be a day I'll celebrate. I've waited a long time to witness the consciousness of mankind accepting this true enlightened way of communicating. Oprah's Website has an article about Abraham and Esther Hicks.

SPIRIT BOY: An Earth Spy

This is a book that I would love Oprah to list on her book club page - even better - my dream would be to have it on her show and explain the importance of spreading information that SPIRIT BOY speaks of within this novel. Lets enlighten our children together. This is my goal in life. If you have read 'SPIRIT BOY: An Earth Spy' or would like to, just click the link. Spreading the word will bring about a 'Planet of Peace' so our children's life time can be one of joy, health, and happiness. Part of the proceeds will be given back to children around the world to help them achieve their goals and a better lifestyle - or maybe Oprah's angel foundation one day in the near future.

Have a bless day - enjoy your kids.


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