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Understanding this NEW ENERGY – from an ASCENSION TEACHER

This blog is all about the Law of Attraction in a light-hearted honest way so everyone can elevate their energy during this Ascension process. This wonderful info in not only for parents, but also for their teenagers, even moments I’ll share about their younger kids, other family members so you can all stay in harmony with each other and manifest their dreams.

It can be challenging raising kids in a world today where they’re bombarded with so many negative TV shows, competitive schooling, peer pressure, the gossip group, and wanting to be accepted. This is why it’s important your kids understand the simple Law of Attraction,’ how both the negative and positive aspects create every consequence in their life.

This is the most important principle I have discovered. You can only save yourself, you cannot save your kids. You are not your children, nor can you vibrate your child’s energy, EVER!

This blog will give you tricks and ways to help your energy flow in the same direction as your children.

Believe me, there is nothing worse than saying to your kids, “That’s a very negative thing you just said!” or “You’re not using the Law Of Attraction right,” or “Can’t you see what you’re doing?”

Soon you will find yourself in the same mindset! Kids sometimes reject the Law Of Attraction concept at first. Some are at the age when they’d rather say, “Who cares!” Clothes, freedom and trying to be all grown up feeds them at this age. And that’s okay – it can still be a positive experience.

We want to know our kids are safe out there in today’s world and they’re not attaching themselves to the wrong energy, one of temptation, maybe drugs, or the wrong crowd or friendships.

Smile more, laugh more, and enjoy your kids… that’s the best medicine and the Law of Attraction will have your kids doing the same too very quickly.

Chat soon, Tricia Kelly

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