Understand the difference between Spiritual Psychology and Traditional Psychology

We are not Human Beings having a spiritual experience; we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience –


SPIRITUAL PSYCHOLOGY is not a religion, it is a way of life. It is the application rather than analysis. Spiritual knowledge allows you to be clear, confident, calm and congruent. Gone are your fears, your nagging doubts, and worries. You understand that man is spirit in matter and you are inspired with the spirit of wisdom and the spirit of the universe.

Basic Psychology is the intellects attempt to understand human life, define it and put it into a category therefore limiting itself to intellect and logic rather than expansion and the power of faith which is based in trust, and not based on evidence.

A person that seeks the path of being a Spiritual Being is one who honors his own spirit and understands that children are Spiritual Beings too and they should be respected as individuals and not be governed with your ownership. Your children are here to share their experiences with you as equals.

Spiritual Psychology helps you seek a peaceful life. It also teaches you to respect and honor other peoples point of view; even your children’s. It is free of judgment. A Spiritual person never tells another how to live, or their life choices. They understand that everyone has his own journey.

Spiritual Psychology honors other people’s faith and who and how they choose to worship. Understanding Spiritual Psychology enlightens your Being and helps you seek your own greatness.

Spiritual Psychology is peaceful and non aggressive in behavior.

Understanding Spiritual Psychology will allow you to live the life God intended you to so you can manifest your dreams, create the abundance you want, have uplifting relationships with others and live a healthy lifestyle.


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