Her Love Story: Synchronicities, Spirituality and Mr. Henley

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Ever feel like you were meant to meet someone? Mr. Henley crossed her path. Her_Love_story-4‘Her Love Story’ is about her courage, and faith, and how living in the moment, these unusual events occurred without a plan, though planned in her universe. The pieces fell into place around this man, Mr. Henley, a member of a popular rock and roll group, the Eagles. After meeting Mr. Henley in Australia, he became a huge catalyst in her life and she decided to follow her hunches, and her heart—and visit him in Los Angeles . Her Love Story is her account of the numerous events that manifested miracles beyond reason, and beyond the logic of what she understood at that time. She discovered that she was indeed the creator of her universe, and was guided by her soul. These unexplainable synchronicities were divinely planned in advance… you have to trust… and these are her secrets she learned along the way.

The Starseeds; Beyond Time

The Starseeds; Beyond Time on Amazon

StarSeedsNEWfrontcoverHerb, an Earth boy, while searching for his real mother, mysteriously ends up in a crystal cave, and discovers a Galactic boy, Izar from the Pleiades has returned home to his planet Earth; but Herb is now in danger of traveling into the many realms, even the dark dimensions like his nightmares.  Izar, and all the benevolent visitors must protect their City of Lights; but he helps Herb understand why they have returned, their past ways are about to be repeated, and this will create havoc amongst all its neighboring planets, and beyond. Others, like Lesley, have incarnated as the Starseeds, and she knows where the missing boy, Herb, is hiding, who he visits, because she travels beyond time in her dreams and visits their City of Lights that for thousands of years has been hidden inside a sacred mountain, near an Indian Reservation, for a reason. Their StarGate is now in danger of being discovered by the ones searching for the runaway boy with their fear that he’s been taken by another, but by who? Author: Tricia Kelly ~ With thirty years of spiritual, metaphysical, and personal experiences, Tricia entwines this information within her novels in a playful colorful way. SPIRIT BOY: An Earth Spy ~ is another one of her published titles that shares her knowledge about the mystical mysteries of our universe.

Spirit boy; an Earth spy

Spirit boy; An Earth Spy

SPIRIT BOY COVER MASTER -BLUE - Version 2SPIRIT BOY looks like the (11yrs) kid he was when he died. When he spots two boys heading down the same dead-end-road he traveled, he knows he must help them understand the `LAW OF ATTRACTION,’ so they can change their lives for the better. Sam has a huge secret. When his mother mysteriously disappeared, his (16yrs) brother dropped out of school to take care of him. They live in fear they’ll be caught and separated from each other forever. Sam is bused to a school in one of LA’s wealthier neighborhoods. Henry lives there with his spoiled teenage sister. They look like rich kids, with a great lifestyle, but they don’t. Henry has a secret too. His father out of work and they’re on the brink of bankruptcy. Sam soon discovers his new friend, Spirit Boy, talks to his archenemy Henry. The two eventually become friends and record a positive rap song with one of the hottest rap stars. Sam’s mother recognizes him on TV, and reunited, only to discover her older son died in a gang shooting.


Daphne Goes Blue: A Dolphin Who Loves Planet Earth

251828_239366369513417_1366521026_nDaphne is a friendly dolphin who loves, and cares about all our oceans around the world. Her wish, is for humans to enjoy them, and that means we all have to be conscious, and keep our oceans safe, and healthy for everyone to enjoy forever this wonderful playground we share called the – ”BLUE PLANET – our EARTH” ~ Part of the profits will go back to organizations who love saving our ocean marine life, and its environment. Amazon


New Energy Parenting


New_Energy_Parenting_Cover_for_KindleThere are NO DEGREES or PHDs to back up this material, nor do I need one to share the knowledge I have accumulated for over thirty years understand this new spiritual psychology and how I used it to raise a child. This concept is beyond the box, and this is how changes are made; by people like me. We push the system into changing, and introduce this new way for parents to raise their kids – conscious parents create conscious kids. The old way, punishing kids, does more damage than good. Overly controlling parents create their out-of -control kids and teens. This is the best part… you don’t have to degrade yourself as a human being, and discipline another human being for their failings, mistakes, even their own self created hurdles in life. This is a big part of our kids lives, their growth and their self discovery which is nothing more than their needed learning experience. Parents need to get out of their heads, and spend more in their heart space. This is the only way families will manifest their dreams, health, and their wealth – they all need to be headed in the same direction – love, joy, and lots of respect for each others paths.