Tricia,  I just read your wonderful book.  It is great.  Positive message with solutions that work.
Thank you so much for what you do.  This would be soooo good in schools and out in world to reach children —
in all size bodies to change our world. Bobbie G -. www.BobbieG.com

Hi Tricia, sends a very big message that could work if everyone understood that they have a job to do,
and it comes from the heart first.  Even though it was short, it is a message that needs to be repeated over.
and over again until we all wake up.  Good job.    Nancy Wallace – www.childsmiraclemind.org

I was charmed and touched by this precious book! Daphne is a delightful Ambassador of the sea who shines the light of loving and compassionate awareness on the trouble state of our oceans on planet Earth. May Daphneʼs message of hope ripple far and wide, until her vision of a healed and whole Blue Planet, for all to enjoy! ~ Linda Shay, Dolphin Ambassador and Author of Dolphin Love… From Sea to Land. www.dolphinheartworld.com

“Daphne Goes Blue”, teaches children how precious sea life is,and how their actions can begin to reverse the
damage done to the oceans’ ecosystems and its inhabitants.  Tricia has given sea creatures personalities that
jump off the page, and their charm elicits an emotional response that will motivate children to treat t
he sea and it’s precious creatures as the true gems that they are.”    Regards, Daria Justyn – www.dariajustyn.com

Our children can make a significant influence in the future of our oceans too, and Daphne speaks to them in a fun youthful way.
Let US ALL take better care of our kids’ legacy. Aloha, Oriana Kalama www.oceandefenderhawaii.com

A sweet, thoughtful and positive story. Daphne reaches out to both ocean friends and earth friends to teach them about the sea. She wants all to know the importance of keeping the sea….a safe, clean, and happy place to be. I highly recommend this book. Nancy – High School Youth Advisor

“I loved it too. I think this is a really wonderful story — very beautiful. Thank you :)”
Andrew Brewer – www.alchemicalheart.com

“I Love this story, it truly is important to keep our oceans clean and what a wonderful way
to spread the message. Great Book :)” Jackie – 18-year-old

“I Love this story, it truly is important to keep our oceans clean and what a wonderful way
to spread the message. Great Book :)” Jackie – 18-year-old

“What a charming book for children of all ages!  Daphne and her friends are a credit to planet Earth.
Absolutely charming.” Sharon – Grandma of four kids

“I just read the book to Summer. She really enjoyed the book. She loves the ocean and dolphins”
Summer and April – Mother and daughter

Real Coastal Warriors
• Oh Tricia, I just finished reading! What a beautiful book! Every single factor that we try daily to emphasize, encompassed so beautifully through Daphne’s eyes! Yes, I will be putting up a link on our page and encouraging people to support the book and the project. Thank you for the honor and privilege of being given the opportunity to read and share this. When the book is published, by all means let me know and I will promote the retail purchase as well. Thank you SO much for putting things in a perspective for children – and adults – to understand. I have done work with the children across the Gulf states, and award them certificates, nominating them as “Official Real Coastal Warriors” when they do things to make a difference in the world. So many of them are so well educated on the impact we have on our environments, and some of them directly impacted by the devastation of the BP Oil Disaster in the Gulf. Your words through this book and Daphne’s eyes are exactly what the doctor ordered for them all! Thank you so much again! My endorsement:

“Daphne Goes Blue is a touching and truthful reminder of the impact we as people have on the health of our oceans, and all living beings that call the ocean their “home”. Like Daphne, we too hope that “one day people will discover that our sun, and the wind, and even water can supply all the energy that people on earth need” and we are pleased and proud to recommend this book to our Gulf Coast families still impacted by the BP Oil Disaster and our friends around the globe who truly care about the future of our oceans.” -Maureen Dauphinee, Real Coastal Warriors