Starseed Radio Academy 1.31.2017

Her newest book, Her Love Story: Synchronicities, Spirituality and Mr. Henley is Tricia’s memoir of a love affair she had with Mr. Don Henley of The Eagles. The pieces in her life started to fall into place around this man, and he naturally became this huge catalyst in her life and she followed her hunches, and her heart.  Her earlier books include The Starseeds: Beyond Time, Spirit Boy: An Earth Spy, Daphne Goes Blue (Child’s picture book) and New Energy Parenting. Tricia novels are highly endorsed and are available on Amazon and other online stores. She is also an experienced songwriter with numerous credits, and a member of ASCAP, along with her IMDB credit as a screenwriter for Hugh and Heke.  Tricia is currently working on a new screenplay based on Her Love Story, but more from the soul’s point of view and journey to reconnect, and often throughout time we create these repetitive patterns with the same souls. – most popular show… Starts @ 26:00. RADIO SHOW LINK

HER LOVE STORY 4.19.16 with Lynda D. Brown – AUTHOR’S CHAT

Meet author Tricia Kelly, she’s stopping by the show to discuss her new book, Her Love Story: Synchronicities, Spirituality & Mr. Henley Her_Love_story-4

About the book: Have you ever wondered, why him, why did you meet someone – Mr. Henley crossed her path. Her Love Story is about a girl who lived in the moment, whose unusual story occurred without a plan, though planned in her universe. It involved another—one man in particular, Mr. Henley, a member of a popular rock and roll group, The Eagles. After meeting Mr. Henley in Australia, he became a huge catalyst in her life and she decided to follow her hunches, her heart—and visit him in Los Angeles. Her Love Story is her account of how one can manifest miracles beyond reason, and beyond the logic of what she understood at that time. She discovered that was indeed the creator of her universe, and was guided by her soul. These unexplainable synchronicities were divinely planned in advance… but you have to trust…

About the author:

Tricia Kelly, born in New Zealand, now lives in Los Angeles. Her latest book, HER LOVE STORY, a memoir includes her experiences and forty years of studying and understand metaphysics, spirituality, this new energy, and this magical mysteries of our universe. Tricia entwine this information in a positive uplifting way within all her novels to take YA readers, on a journey into these wonders in a positive way.



Starseeds Radio Academy – 6.18.13
Love this show – Just going to post what Lavandar sent me after reading THE STARSEEDS; Beyond Time –

Yes, I read your great novel. I read the first half of it on my plane trip to Hot Springs, and the last half this past week when I returned. I love reading on the plane. Bravo, girl, I loved this book and want to see it in a movie for sure. We want to have you on our show on Tuesday, June 18, at 4:00pm your time. Let me know if this works for you. I will check out the link you sent later. Can’t wait to talk to you about your book, it kept me on the edge of my seat for sure.
Lavandar “Empowering Starseed to Better Serve The Planet” Starseed Radio Academy: LISTEN HERE: StarSeedsNEWfrontcover

Bully Proof Classroom 6.11.13

A wonderful conversation about what happens when the bully energy is present in our schools – both the teacher and students would benefit listening to this show. James Burns is dedicated to his work and expanding this information.


Tricia Kelly joins Dr. Rita Louise on Just Energy Radio where she discusses a new methodology for child rearing based upon the Law of Attraction. – New Energy Parenting is the new way of being conscious.

YOUTUBE radio show

Starseeds, OBE’s, and Galactic Encounters with Tricia Kelly – Truth Frequency Radio 5.25.2013

Interesting show last night — I was the second hour interview, and explain why I honor every soul born, they came forth to be that person for us all — even strangely the monarchy is our past and present history, or the Horus, half man half beast deserves their place in our history too and turned up in my meditations. — I honor them all as part of this planets evolution and its growth — some have and will be nothing more than the souvenir industries that help economies than old mentality of sailing boats claiming their rights round the world to land and people– A soul came forth to be that person – nothing more, unless you want to worship another, and that is giving away your power and not worshiping yourself.. LISTEN HERE:

Alien Chronicles: Fact or Fiction 5.10.2013

Rachel Love and guest Tricia Kelly talk about her book “THE STARSEEDS; Beyond Time” She spoke about galactic voyages and multi dimensional reality. Tricia also shared about Two Earths, Alien Visitors, her books and Crystal Caves and downloading information. Connie Hansen joined us in this interesting conversations. LISTEN HERE:

Parenting Styles. We’re All Different 5.8.201

Great show about why kids go out of control.”We all have our views on how to parent our children and Tricia Kelly is no different. Join us as we talk with Tricia on her perspective around discipline, punishment and raising kids using the New Energy Parenting.”
Every Wednesday Claudette Chenevert radio show, The Stepmom Coach you will hear from different guests share their expertize in Personal Growth and Development that will help you in your Stepfamily Lifestyle.
Claudette Chenevert forthcoming author of book “WHY: 10 WHYs most stepmoms ask themselves” Are you struggling with communication issues? go to RADIO SHOW with Tricia and Claudette. RADIO SHOW

LOIS J. WETZEL and Tricia Kelly Metaphysical Children’s Books – Tricia Kelly 2.8.2013

Los Angeles resident and New Zealand born author, Tricia Kelly, about her spiritually themed children’s books. The titles are: “The Starseeds: Beyond TIme.” and “Spirit Boy: An Earth Spy,” plus “Daphne Goes Blue.” We will talk about her childrens’ books, and how she came to be writing metaphysically themed books for children. She incorporates the Law of Attraction in her works.
Host Lois J Wetzel is the author of two books: “Akashic Records: Case Studies of Past Lives,” and “EDINA: Energy Medicine from the Stars!” available on Amazon and Kindle. Her website is Hot Pink Lotus You can sign up for her free newsletter there. RADIO SHOW

MONIQUE CHAPMAN and TRICIA KELLY- Achieve Radio 2.6.2013

Another great show with Monique – we talked about everything Galactic, spiritual, miracles and self healing. Everything is possible you have to be in the right frame of mind — surprised me, we had people calling in with questions… Always great fun with Monique, who has interviewed them all – from the A list in this arena. RADIO SHOW PAGE

Hollis Chapman show 12.14.12

Great show — unfortunately our time-zone-info was off, so fast forward one hour and you’ll hear my interview. We covered lots about ‘New Energy Parenting’… being in the zone to write, raising a teenager and more… Hollis loved me, and invited me back and do more shows, on many different subjects … Hollis Chapman at Blog talk, Hollis Chapman

Healing4innerpeace – 10.29.2012

Great conversation with Marcus, radio host of Healing-4-inner-peace. Marcus’s teenage son joined in and shared his vision of this world and more too… we are advancing together at a rapid pace. HEALING FOR INNER PEACE

James Gilliland and Tricia Kelly – AS YOU WISH -BBS RADIO 10.27.2012

James Gilliland is an Internationally Known Speaker, Minister, Visionary and Author of numerous books and Tricia Kelly had a wonderful radio show sharing their stories of their off planet events, the cat people, and galactic influence during this time frame. James loved Tricia new book The StarSeeds; Beyond Time. RADIO SHOW ARCHIVES

Today’s-avatars-with-Tricia Kelly by Daddy G in Spirituality 10.25.2012

Gary Moore, is Daddy G. on blogtalkradio – another wonderful spiritual teacher and sharer of this information. RADIO SHOW PAGE

Robert Sharpe speaks to Tricia Kelly 10.19.2012

Another great show and a little more of the puzzle is revealed. Tricia speaks about her dimensional travel, seeing her daughter on the other side of the world in meditation. Remote viewing, self healing. There is much to explore.
Lots of questions and answers about writing a novel, including this advanced wisdom within the story. RADIO SHOW

Revolution Radio with Jay Pee on 10.9.2012

Another show about my writing, and this one went into my background and all the events I had to overcome… many challengers and more. Jay’s great, a very wise man in spirituality and more… check out his shows and more. Youtube of the show – and more

Spiritually Raw TV -Sept 28th 2012 – “5th Dimension – Beyond the Veil’

I did with April Villarose-Matta and Ajay Matta at Spiritually Raw TV “5th Dimension – Beyond the Veil’It’s always great speaking on shows with ‘like-minded-ones’ who recognize we all bring something different to the table. Thank you April and Ajay for allowing me to share my journey and my new novel, The Starseeds; Beyond Time, and my positive parenting manual, ‘New Energy Parenting. ‘I love my own quote about this time frame 2012 energy is:’ It’s our time for us to be our own preacher and not listen to others… Listen to your own heart and you will be on the right path. And there are many paths that lead us upward. It empowers us all when lightworkers step forward and find their calling and audience. Thank you again, Tricia Kelly Listen to Tricia here on Spiritually Raw TV

The StarSeeds : Beyone Time 
The Radio Tour has started
Two Sisters Brought Together
to Make a Difference 

Lizzy Star and Hazel’s Radio Show 9.13.2012

Tricia joins Lizzy Star and Hazel for their afternoon show on BlogTalk Radio for two hours of conversation and readings, fun and laughter… Author Tricia Kelly, will be speaking about her new novel, “The STARSEEDS…Beyond Time” and offering tips on how to publish spiritual books. Tricia will also share some of her own amazing experiences and information that comes from beyond without the limitation man often puts upon himself ~ learning to trust is the key…
New Zealand born, Tricia now resides in USA, with her part-time teenage daughter. With thirty years of spiritual, metaphysical and personal experiences, Tricia manages to entwine this information within all her novels in a playful colorful way that keeps the audiences attention. SPIRIT BOY: An Earth Spy ~ Daphne Goes Blue, two highly endorsed novels. Tricia is also a songwriter with numerous credits, and has an imdb credit as a screenwriter for a first film release.

3.3.2010 — Daria Justyn Interview about ‘SPIRIT BOY’ and a NEW WAY OF PARENTING

Another great endorsement from Daria Justyn. Daria is also an author of ‘Angels Whisper to Us’ and has a great website: LISTEN HERE

10.3.09 Love and Sexuality Part 1

An interesting conversation with Tricia and Ralph Okafo-Smart about SEXUAL ENERGY that shines a light on how important this portal is for your well being and light force. LISTEN HERE

9.18.09 – Mike Quinsey – ‘Connection the Light’ – an interview about Spirit Boy

Another great interview and endorsement from Mike Quinsey after reading SPIRIT BOY.
A truly inspired novel, incorporating spiritual wisdom that is used in such a way it is easy to understand. A wonderful guide for children and parents alike, that provides an inner understanding that will lift relationships to a more harmonious level. In Love and Light. Mike Quinsey
Link with be available soon from – Connection the Light

9.3.09 – Dr. J on Metaphysically-speaking about Spirit Boy

Another great interview about Spirit Boy with Dr. J. Dr. J also read my non-fiction book which will be available soon.

Another great show talking with Nancy Wallace.

Nancy just finished reading my new nonfiction book: “Is Your Family Vibrating on the right Frequency to Manifest Money?” Based on Spiritual Psychology and positive parenting. Lots of chapters were discussed as to how parents can be more positive in the way they raise their kids. Children are here to have experiences with you as an equal and the relationship should not be about ownership. Children spin out of control when their upbringing has been all about control. When teens turn to drugs they are seeking a state of being ‘out of control’… punk clothing says: “I’m doing it my way.” Sex is another issue that teens face. Lots of good stuff was discussed in regard to using the Law Of Attraction – it’s happening even when you try and stop it.
Nancy is also an author – Raised By Angels: An AutobiographyNancy Wallace has accomplished a level of psychic ability which is almost unheard of. From early childhood through adulthood, Nancy has been guided by angels. You will learn how angels have provided insight through precognition and interpretation of the Tarot. This extraordinary biography will help you understand the commitment Nancy has made to promote the understanding of psychic ability. Listen to the Archives on ACHIEVE RADIO

12.28.08 – Nancy’s Metaphysical World and More” radio show

To visit Nancy’s website click here. Tricia was a guest on Nancy Wallace’s radio show,’Nancy’s Metaphysical World and More’ and talked about her book, SPIRIT BOY – an earth spy and how it’s helpful for our teens and parents who want to understand more about the Law of Attraction in an easy way.
Nancy was impressed with all the information teens and those parents seeking advice will get reading this colorful novel.
Lots of other great hints were discussed by them both, and it can be heard here on Nancy’s archives. Nancy’s mission is to work with children and change the way the world view them and the educational system. Her organization is:

A Child’s Miracle Mind Our motto is:’For every young mind there is an awakening’. Our Mission Statement: To provide a different approach to understanding the makeup of the behavioral aspects of a child. Drawing upon new and advanced approaches, to consistently explore remedies and relief to aid and assist parents and children who have been labeled ADHD and/or children with behavioral issues. And, to heighten performance in school and personal growth.

with Monique Chapman
I was excited to have been a guest on “Walking with Spirit” and talk about my teen/parent novel which incorporates the LAW OF ATTRACTION in a way that has not been available to teens and young readers before.
Monique enjoyed the novel and gave me a great endorsement.
“Both practical and profound, ‘Spirit Boy’ assists the young reader with assembling the building blocks of the Law of Attraction in a wonderful story teens identify with. The simple act of reading the book raises one’s vibration. Monique Chapman, PhD – Author & Radio Host
We both had lots to say in regard to raising children using the Law of Attraction. We understand how controlling parents hurt more than they realize when it comes to raising positive kids.
Monqiue has interviewed the best of them, and continues to have wonderful guests, WALKING WITH SPIRIT – MONIQUE CHAPMAN – CLICK HERE


Tricia Kelly spoke with Peter Tongue about her new novel, SPIRIT BOY – an earth spy. Peter wrote the foreword after being inspired by the story and information gear towards our teens, their parents, and teachers.
“I wish all my students had a chance to read this novel

It’s brilliant!” 
Peter Tongue – A High School Principal for over thirty years
By-Peter Tongue B.Sc., P.G.C.E.

“I am so happy that this book is available to all of those children who live in an isolated World, but actually know the truth and live closer to spirit than most of us ever will. What a gift Spirit Boy is to these children!”
As a former Independent School Principal with 30 years experience in education, I am a strong advocate and supporter of the Indigo and Crystal children. Many highly intelligent children and teenagers find themselves constantly bumping up against “old” ways of living and learning. Tricia Kelly’s novel addresses these childrens’ special talents, and you get to see them shine within this colorful story. One of her characters, like me, has the same vision. It is to create a new educational system that meets the needs of these wonderful children. One that recognizes that all children are gifted and their own special talents should be developed to the highest degree.
Peter Tongue is one of the founders of The Legacy of the Rose—an Education system for Humanity’s Highest Potential