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Spiritual journey – is like baking a cake

In the most basic form I will explaining spirituality and why we don’t need rule books, or to argue as to what is politically correct or not – I will use this analogy and you will notice how it is impossible to compare one’s creation to another – if I was to ask everyone to make a banana cake, though we might have the same ingredients to play with, they would all taste slightly different, because we may have measured the ingredients in a different way, we would bake it with our own timing – we would ice it in our own style, and each cake would turn out to be delicious to the one who baked it, and that is the important part.cake
None of us would run to the neighbors and say, “taste mine, is it better than yours.” That would be us feeding our own ego, and not enjoying the cake we created for ourselves. That is how amazing life is, that we can all have the same ingredients to play with, and it can be mixed in so many different ways that each of our cakes are made to be enjoyed, eaten, shared and more. And tomorrow we may look at the ingredients and we may choose to add another flavor, to experiment and try something new – nothing stands still, or is there one way to say, or express what we know as the end result forever, and identical. It is impossible to duplicate how one bakes the same cake. Then there are others who don’t want to even try and bake their own cake, they turn to another and ask, or pays them, feed me your cake, you seem to know the recipe for life – and they never seek to experience life but to copy life as to how another supplied them with their cake – Be your own baker, play, experiment, gather your ingredients and see the marvels of life as a new creation of you – Life is not boring and mundane, it is exciting, it cites us to be different, to find our way, and some days, we might even burn our own cakes, but we don’t hold onto them, we throw them away when they don’t turn out the way we want them too, and we don’t say I will never bake again… We are all spiritual beings on our own journey, we all slice up our cake and share it, we don’t bake to fill our cupboards once, only to reopen years later to find it is stale, dry, and lacks the excitement of wanting to fill our bellies – we go to our cupboards and start baking again, with new ingredients that feed our taste buds… that is how we feed our souls –